My hardest tournament as of 18th March 2013.


First off, What made me write this blog? I am a 12th grade high schooler and I haven't been playing Chess at all since Christmas 2012, since schoolwork (and University applications) is hard. However, now that its March break, I went out to play in a tournament in Japan, the one that seeds players to the Ultimate Japanese Championship (and be the Japanese chess champ for a year!). I recently joined the group NM Aww-Rats free video lessons and watched his first instructive video. He highlighted to me the importance of correspondence chess which he claims enhances my deeply thinking in chess. He also said postmortem game analysis is also important which is the other reason I am writing this blog.  I was offered 10 day Premium membership trial, which I did upgrade and did some Chess mentor. I also looked up Games exploreler for King's Gambit and Nimzowitsch Defense. Those are aggressive openings, but I think it was worth it. I honestly didn't care about the outcome of the tournament because I was ill-prepared. I just wanted to play Chess. I am currently rated at 1426, Japanese Rating. There were 62 players and I was 44th Seed. The time controls of the games were 50 minutes each with 30 sec increment per move from the beginning.

 まず、なぜこのブログを書いたのでしょう?実は昨年のクリスマス以来ぜんぜんチェスを指してなかったので自分を勇気つけるためにかきました。今頃、カナダの高校に留学していまして学校の勉強と大学受験に忙しい生活を過ごしてました。とりあえず、今は僕の春休みなので日本チェス協会の全日本百傑戦に参加してみました。あまりこの大会のために準備はしなかったです。結果を出すことを期待しなかったからでしょう。 で10日間だけただでDiamond Membershipをもらったので少しだけChess Mentorをやりました。後は、Games Explorelerでキングスギャンビットとニムゾウィっチヂフェンスを研究しました。近頃、 グループNM Aww-Rats Free Video Lessons に入れてもらい、Youtubeビデオでちゃんとしたチェスの打ち方を少し習い始めました。今年の大会はとても強いフィールドでしたので僕のレーティングの1426では62人中、44番シードになりました。二日間かけて6ラウンドのチェスゲームがプレイされました。時間は50分ずつ、一手につき30秒追加。

Now cutting the comments short, and lets get to the games I played. First Round, paired up against a 1020, but had difficulties winning. 1/1. A draw offer came on the 31st move by my opponent, but I didn't even decline it I just played (blundered) on. but then who would want a draw against someone rated 406 points lower? Anyway, I decided to Grind down the endgame (Carlsen style) and was rewarded for it.


Aichi (1020) vs. Nakagawa (1426)

全日本百傑戦 | Round 1| 16 Mar 2013 | ECO: B00 | 0-1

Second Round, Paired up against a 1824. I expected a quick loss, but suddenly I had the upperhand. My opponent then blundered at Time trouble. 2/2. I "famously" spent 40 minutes on my first 6 moves of the game. I realized from this game to not be intimidated by higher rated opponents.


Nakagawa (1426) vs. Takada (1824)

全日本百傑戦 | Round 2| 16 Mar 2013 | ECO: C37 | 1-0

Third Round, Paired up to a 2209 (big surprise for me!). Was Losing the entire game, but was also curious how my opponent would cash in the win. 2/3. Playing against strong opponents give me good experience. 


Shiomi (2209) vs. Nakagawa (1426)

全日本百傑戦 | Round 3| 16 Mar 2013 | ECO: B01 | 1-0

Forth Round was at 9:40 in the Morning. Paired up with a 1640, who also had 2 wins. I had the upperhand until I blundered because of time trouble. 2.5/4. The day before on round 3, I saw my Opponent playing against someone whom I'd say the BEST of the Best player in Japan - FM  Shinya Kojima. I was envious of that. Anyway when I made my 1st move, my opponent touched the e-pawn and took a while deciding to play 1...e6 or 1...e5. It wouldn't matter because either way I would have played 2. f4. 

四ラウンド目はレート1640の佐々木さんとやりました。彼の第3ラウンドの相手は(僕が日本で一番チェスが強い人だと思う)FM 小島さんでした。うらやましいな~ともおもうかもしれない。僕が1.e4 と指したとき、佐々木さんは1.e6 か 1.e5にすごく迷ってました。結構アンバランスのゲームでしたけど、僕の有利の局面を勝ちに変えることができず引き分けを申し込みました。

Nakagawa (1426) vs. Sasaki (1640)

全日本百傑戦 | Round 4| 17 Mar 2013 | ECO: C30 | 1/2-1/2

Fifth Round was a pain, after such a disappointing performance, I didn't feel like playing Chess. This negative Aura carried on and I lost the game to a very experienced 1948 rated player.  2.5/5. Okay, I admit I messed up move order in Ruy Lopez...thats what I learned from this game - move order is important.


Furuya (1948) vs. Nakagawa (1426)

全日本百傑戦 | Round 5| 17 Mar 2013 | ECO: C78 | 1-0

Final Round, I pretty much was in a surrendered mood. After researching my opponent (he was playing next to me in several rounds of this tournament, so I could take a guess at his repertoire which I think is the Slav, Colle and Scandinavian), I found out he was a professional Scandianavian Defense player (I've also did some online-stalking and found out he has an incredible 2088! Online Chess rating here on at the time). Knowing all this, I played 1. c4 to avoid this and somehow won.  3.5/6.

最後はレート1614の川中さんと試合しました。ここも勝つのは期待してなかったです。ただ、川中さんは有名なScandianavian Defense のプレイヤーと知ってたのでそれを交わすために1. c4, 3. e4とあまり見ない始まりを選びました。あとは相手がここのchess.comでOnline Chessのレートが2088!というすごい高いものを持っている事を分かった僕は手を抜いたらマズイと思いました。

Nakagawa (1426) vs. Kawanaka (1614)

全日本百傑戦 | Round 6| 17 Mar 2013 | ECO: A18 | 1-0

Overall it was a good tournament. I was awarded the 2nd best under 1500 rating player in the tournament. I am quite satisfied although I could have done better. Anyway I think I am very lucky I have a new legit hobby called Chess, and I am honored to call myself a chess player.


Thanks for Reading


 Stay tuned for future blog posts - I will be making 1 about how I became first place in Ontario High School Chess Championship Intermediate section [U1500, although there are many underrated kids] , and one about memories from Japanese U18 Chess Championship (I've participated annually from 2009-2013), involving my personal growth. 


中川晟志 Nakagawa S.