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Sleep. My poem.

Jul 2, 2012, 5:56 AM 0


Sleeping bloggers and sleeping blogs
Sleeping rich and poor.
Sleeping Tailed and tailless sleep.
Sleeping little and sleeping adults.
Accelerated and punch,
Sleeping skirts and pants.

Fat and lean,
Muscular, and stunted.
Ugly and beautiful,
Dim and bright,
Usual and unusual,
Sleeping in July and January.

Healthy and sick
Sleeping in prosperity and in distress,
Sleeping on land and at sea.
Sleeping in bed and in the field.
There are those who do not sleep
But for them it is.

If you are not sleep and get up early -
So you like a zombie in the morning,
No coffee or black tea does not help,
Only a dream, the body charged.

If evil or stupid boredom hanging over you,
That dream will soften their pressure.
Nerves strained, confused thoughts -
Sleep, do not think about profits.

Sleep covering,
Tired of dissolving.

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