Amsterdam Mosquitos Bring Stockholm Snowballs To A Standstill

Amsterdam Mosquitos Bring Stockholm Snowballs To A Standstill

Jan 31, 2018, 2:52 PM |

The Amsterdam Mosquitos stopped the Stockholm Snowballs dead in their tracks, drawing even with the central division leader in an exciting 8-8 match. Amsterdam, who came into the match today as the underdog, has struggled to put a point on the board the past two weeks. But today they were up to the challenge!

The teams were tied at the match halfway point and it remained close the rest of the way. Stockholm's board-three GM Kirill Alekseenko did the (nearly) impossible and scored a perfect 4/4, which sadly only balanced out the 0/4 performance of board four. Don't miss his exciting round two encounter with GM Loek van Wely, on whom one can always count for sizzling play.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 3 | Stockholm Snowballs vs Amsterdam Mosquitos

Mosquitoes Snowballs Georg Meier Evgenij Agrest Kirill Alekseenko Inna Agrest 8
Loek van Wely 2
Jan Smeets 2
Miguoel Admiraal 2
Jasel Lopez 2
7.5* 3 1 4 0

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