Armenia Eagles Fly High, Defeat Norway Gnomes

Armenia Eagles Fly High, Defeat Norway Gnomes


The Armenia Eagles snatched fourth place in the Pro Chess League Eastern Division with an exciting 8.5-7.5 victory over the Norway Gnomes. Playing without GM Magnus Carlsen (currently relaxing after having won the Fischer Random Chess Championship yesterday), the Gnomes suddenly find themselves out of playoff contention. 

This match went right down to the wire when GM Zaven Andriasyan (a top scorer) pulled off a "grandelicious" draw by threefold repetition while defending a clearly lost position against GM Nils Grandelius (game below). Andriasyan had another great day and at one point, to the delight of the commentator GM Simon Williams, even drove "Harry the h-pawn" down the board for a very nice win against GM Evgeny Romanov. As team leader GM Jon Ludvig Hammer suggested during his live Twitch stream, maybe Carlsen can free up his schedule of world domination to help them get back on track.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 6 | Armenia Eagles vs Norway Gnomes

Eagles Gnomes Nils Grandelius Jon Ludvig Hammer Evgeny Romanov Elham Abdrlauf 7.5
Zaven Andriasyan 3.5
Samvel Ter-Sahakyan 2
Manuel Petrosyan 1.5
Artak Manukyan 1.5
8.5 2 3 2.5 0

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