Ljubljana Turtles Sneak By London Towers

Ljubljana Turtles Sneak By London Towers


The Ljubljana Turtles snuck by the London Towers with a score 9.5-6.5. The Turtles' board one, GM Luka Lenič, notched a perfect score which was helpful! They triumphed notwithstanding the absence of Luka Skuhala who actually forfeited his first three games! But, when it mattered most, he appeared out of the void, and scored a win. 

Finally, it wouldn't be ethical if I didn't include this gem played by GM Luka Lenič.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 1 | Ljubljana Turtles vs London Towers

Snowballs Lions Romain Edouard Daniel Howard Fernandez Justin Tan Ravi Haria 6.5
Georg Meier 3.5
Evgenij Agrest 3
Erik Blomqvist 2
Inna Agrest 1
9* 2.5 2 2 0

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