Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers Smother Montclair Sopranos

Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers Smother Montclair Sopranos

Feb 14, 2018, 6:03 PM |

The Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers have proven adept at getting points from all boards in the PRO Chess League. Usually Awonder Liang has delivered a bevy of points on board two, but this week he was a low scorer with a somewhat more modest 2.5/4. Impressive was IM Atyula Shetty's 3/4 on board three. His victory over the Montclair Sopranos board one was an impressive strangulation.

The Sopranos got their highest score on board four as IM Thomas Bartell scored 2.5/4, including handing the Pawngrabbers board one, GM Alexander Shabalov, his only defeat as Shabalov beat the top three for the Sopranos.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 5 | Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers vs Montclair Sopranos

Sopranos Pawngrabbers Alexander Shabalov Awonder Liang Atulya Shetty Mika Brattain 10.5
Bassem Amin 1
Anatoly Bykhovsky 2
Raven Sturt 0
Thomas Bartell 2.5
5.5 3 2.5 3 2

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