Pittsburgh Pawnsgrabbers Defeat Montreal Chessbrahs

Pittsburgh Pawnsgrabbers Defeat Montreal Chessbrahs


14-year-old GM Awonder Liang must be one of the most valuable free agents in the PRO Chess League. As board two for the impressing Pittsburgh Pawgrabbers, he scored a perfect 4/4 to lead his team to victory over the Montreal Chessbrahs.

Barely avoiding relegation last year, the Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers look like a force to be feared this year. Meanwhile the Montreal Chessbrahs seem to really be missing GMs Fabiano Caruana and Li Chao who were so impressive on a shared board one last year. Here is one of Liang's several nice wins - a miniature against Chessbrah fourth-board IM Michael Kleinman.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 2 | Montreal Chessbrahs vs Pittsburgh Pawngrabbers

Pawngrabbers Chessbrahs Robin van Kampen Renier Castellanos Aman Hambleton Michael Kleinman 6.5
Alexander Shabalov 2
Awonder Liang 4
Atulya Shetty 2
Mika Brattain 1.5
9.5 2.5 0.5 2 1.5

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