Riga Magicians Foil Comeback By Norway Gnomes

Riga Magicians Foil Comeback By Norway Gnomes


The Riga Magicians foiled a final round comeback by the Norway Gnomes with a convincing 9.5-6.5 final score. Actually the final margin is quite deceptive considering Norway was trailing at halftime 7-1!

GM Laurent Fressinet led Norway on board one. Both GM Magnus Carlsen and GM Jon Ludvig Hammer were conspicuously absent although Hammer reportedly offered his team free pizza during an emotional halftime pep talk.

Both rounds one and two were a massacres! Riga scored a perfect 4/4 followed by 3/4 giving them a seemingly insurmountable lead. But somehow Hammer's motivational strategy paid off and Norway turned the tables in round three with a stunning 4/4 comeback!!! Going into round 4 they trailed 7-5, however it was not meant to be.

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2018 PRO Chess League | Week 5 | Norway Gnomes vs Riga Magicians

Magicians Gnomes Laurent Fressinet Johan Salomon Johan-Sebastian Christiansen Torbjørn Ringdal Hansen 6.5
Igor Kovalenko 2.5
Arturs Neiksans 3
Nikita Meskovs 2
Anna Kantane 2
9.5 2.5 1 1 2

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