Seattle Sluggers Strike Out Australia Kangaroos

Seattle Sluggers Strike Out Australia Kangaroos


The Seattle Sluggers took down the Australia Kangaroos 9-7 in a nail-biting back and forth match. The secret sauce for the Sluggers was board three IM Bryce Tiglon who defeated the Kangaroos' top three boards!

However, the Kangaroos had plenty of hop in their step. Board one GM Anton Smirnov battled valiantly, defeating the Sluggers' board one and two. In round four, Smirnov found himself down a rook and a piece against GM Gabriel Sargissian. The lesson learned here being: combine a pair of passed pawns with time trouble and anything is possible! In the words of commentator GM Ben Finegold, never resign.

2018 PRO Chess League | Week 1 | Seattle Sluggers vs Australia Kangaroos

Kangaroos Sluggers Gabriel Sargissian Giorgi Margvelashvili Bryce Tiglon Roland Feng 9
Anton Smirnov 3
Moulthun Ly 1
James Morris 0.5
Temur Kuybokarov 2.5
7 2 2.5 3 1.5

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