Brumtown Parodies Part One

Sep 20, 2015, 5:11 PM |

This blog is a parody of brumtown's "There is no God Part One".This blog is like brumtown's blog.

A long time ago,people did not follow the Hippocrates oath.This is shown in a conversation I totally overheard between a witch doctor and a patient infected with smallpox while time traveling.

Witch Doctor:I got some gray powder from China which should help.

*witch doctor buries patient in dynamite*

Patient:So is the dynamite supposed to blow all the sores off?

Witch Doctor:Yes.

Patient:Will I blow up?


*witch doctor sets the dynamite on fire and both the patient and witch doctor die*

In Part 2,we will discuss why medieval doctors failed to follow the Hippocrates oath.In Part 3,we will discuss why the Renaissance was a good thing.In Part 4,we will discuss the benefits and disadvantages to penicillin,In Part 5,we will discuss modern medicine.In Part 6,we will discuss future medicine.In Part 7,I will need a break.