Study Plan

Apr 2, 2016, 4:27 PM |

I have read the book The Amateur's Mind by Jeremy Silman.  Also have read some of the Art of the Chess Combination that Silman recommended for Tactics.  Currently going through Silman's Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition.  Also read very little of the beginning of his Endgame book.  I would like to get to a Master level rating.

Of course, everyone wants to become a Chess Master but not everyone succeeds.  Silman has consistently pointed out the need for hard work and diligence in study.  Studying every phase of the game.  Studying especially the areas you're weak in.  And emphasizing Pattern Recognition. (People think Silman is all about Positional study but I think that's all wrong.  I think most people study tactics and opening with neglect to Positional and Endgame study).

Anyways, I had thought posting some blog posts may help to orient and structure my training in the right direction while providing motivation.

So I am currently in the Bishops chapter of his RYC book.  My first Tournament was before I turned 9.  So I started when I was 8 but I can't say for sure when I first played chess.

I had a provisional chess rating of 502  when I stopped playing as a kid.  Besides High School chess club at one point, had a 20 year absence from competitive games.  Started back in 2014 with the 502 rating.

I am trying to improve as quickly as possible.  I have had a two chess coaches when I came back to chess.  The current chess coach I have focuses on opening a lot.  He is pretty knowledgeable when it comes to theory.

Update 5/23/2018

I did end up finishing HTRYC recently. It did take a long time to read through it all, and all of the tests. In the back of mind I second guess whether I did do some of the tests in the Psychological section though. I will probably go back and study that. Plus I like psychology anyways. But I had difficulty with the tests on Material.

I also read some of Silman's Endgame book up to somewhere in the 1600+ section. But I didn't finish that section. I was going back through it to review (skipping the first section) and now I'm up to Queen and Pawn endings in the 1500ish section.

And then I've also played some OTB and many online blitz games. And reviewed sampled different books here and there, chess mentor, tactics trainer, etc. My rating right now is 1581 I believe.