Spassky & Bronstein, from Russia with love

Spassky & Bronstein, from Russia with love

Oct 4, 2011, 2:15 AM |

In a recent interview they asked Spassky what of his games seemed him immortal. Boris answered: 

"I believe that the most unforgettable game was the one that I played vs Bronstein in 1960. The balance between the strategy and the tactics was excellent. The idea was so good that it was used in a James Bond’s film".

At the beginning of From Russia with love (1963), there is a sequence where it is played an hypothetical end of the world chess championship. The game, an accepted gambit of King, goes with de duel Spassky- Bronstein of the URSS championship, 50 years ago.

  Starting position in the film after 21 ...Bxe5. The outcome is: 22. Nxe5 + Kh7 23. Qe4+

 The game commented by Leontxo Garcia (7 min 26 s) 
   (Extracted from the series La pasión del Ajedrez, 24 chapter)

Poster of the film                      Spassky and Bronstein in the URSS championship, Leningrad, 1960

Here is the complete game with the interesting comments by Zenon Franco that include references of the own Spassky, Bronstein and Kasparov: