Sicilian Defense Wing Gambit

Jun 15, 2009, 2:26 PM |

I think that Sicilian defense wing gambit doesnt get the atention it deserves, its maybe not the best opening in Sicilian but is best way to get your oponent out of his comfort zone. Every player has his own style of play and Sicilian players are guys who are in most cases prepared for usual lines. They like to play Naidorf, or Dragon, Shwenigen formations, but when you choose wing gambit you chalenge them, not theoreticaly but mentaly. Wing gambit is not studied very much, it has few variations so your oponent is most certenly not prepared for that. Its psihological and tehnical blow to him. I found the wing gambit over the board. I was playing with the guy and he had solid rating close to mine (around 1800) and he started with the Sicilian defense. In the moment I look at the board saw the gambit and start thinking is it good. So i look carefully and saw that is playable, so I played it and won the game. My oponent was so confused that he made a lot of blunders right in the opening and I took the iniciative. After the game I started my Chessmaster program and looked the variations and I saw very little. So I will show you two of my games and one GM game, I would apreciate if you would comment this article and gave some new ideas to this opening. I think it deserves to be analised.

Games will not be commented becouse I want to focus on the opening.
This was my thought proces when I analised this opening and my basic ideas:

1.Psihological suprise and shock
2.Opening a1h8 diagonal early in the game
3.If its posible after giving up the b pawn imedietly give up a as well so I could reach some   kind of activity with my rooks similiar to Benko gambit with black
4.After that taking the center imedietly becouse his c pawn is removed
5.Develop pieces as fast as its posible and try to atack on the kingside

If white can complete this objectives I think he has a good game. Please co

mment a
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ay your ideas abou