Visited the Marshall

Visited the Marshall

Jun 19, 2017, 1:23 PM |

I went up to visit NYC last week primarily for a graduation but also to do the tourist thing, and swinging by the historic Marshall Chess Club was on my list.  

It was Monday afternoon and the place was basically dead.  While wife and company took a break from the ridiculous heat wave, I looked at all the pictures and few memorabilia type things on display.

 The only other people in the club were two elderly type gentlemen setting up to review a game, and I overheard one loudly say

"just go to".

 So as if destiny brought me there for that moment I wandered over by them()! They were having some difficulties and couldn't tell if logged in or not to  I kindly say

"You can see here that you are already logged in". 

 Pointing to the diamond/profile name in the corner... (they were on the site not the app). And in what I assume is typical NY-native fashion, the old man waved his arms in the air and went "I GOT IT, I GOT IT!!" and shooed me away....

So I kept my southern charm to myself, took pictures and left.

When leaving, the summer camp kids came back and a giant pack of them poured into the club lead by GM Krush.  It was so impressive and encouraging hearing them rattle off notation and talking about whatever the lesson was.  Neat place with a neat history... and colorful locals