2013 Thanksgiving Open in St. Louis

Dec 2, 2013, 2:05 AM |

I played in the Thanksgiving Open in St. Louis from Nov 30 to Dec 1. I was expected to bring my rating back to 2000 in this tournament, but unfortunately I dropped my chance by slipping from a winning position on round 4. I scored 3/5 in open section, and ended up tied for the 1st place in U2300, which only helped me to gain a few rating points. My score seems normal enough: won against two 1700+ and a 1800+, and lost to a 2000+ and a 2200+ FM. I don't have too much to complain about my game against the FM, because in a very balanced position I just started to missed calcualte some very short variation by myself and lost in a Queen+Pawn endgame in which I was down two pawns. Yet, I am very frustrated with myself on the game against the 2000+. On the other hand, my three wins against the lower rated players are smooth. Here, I would like to share four of my games from the tournament. Hope you enjoy going over the games :)


Now is the frustated lost against a familiar 2000+ player, a fan of all kinds of Gambit. GM Roman Dzindzichashvili calls Wings Gambit the "worst opening" for White in the game of chess, and I believe it as well: most gambits especially the Wings Gambit has no other real value except trying to confuse and terrify the opponent by the pawn sacrifice.

I played alright for most part of the game and at the end I made a fine exchange sacrifice. Unfortunately, in a time shortage scenario, I forgot the line I was calculated correctly for seizing the initialtive with the sacrifice and ended up lost with an inconsistent queen retreat move. 

Last but not the least is a smooth attacking game.
Here are some photos I took druing this tournament.
USCF tournament cross table link of 2013 Thanks Giving Open (St.Louis):