Capture and Games from 2016 US Open

Aug 6, 2016, 11:18 AM |

Hi everyone! Four years later after 2012 US Open, I finally played in another one, the 2016 US Open took place in Indianapolis. I was 1600+ when I entered 2012 US Open, and thankfully I've been lucky enough to climb to USCF expert class as I entered the 2016 US Open this time. My first 6 rounds had been amazing, I scored 4.5/6 and tied first place in Expert group of the entire Open. My opponents from round 1-8 (I had a bye at round 9) were one 1400+, two 1800+, three 2200+ and one 2600+. My rating went from 2099 to 2129 after these 8 games. In the US Open Wednesday Quads, finished a day before the main event I participated, I won all three games against a 1700+, 1800+ and 2000+ players and my rating went from 2082 to 2099 there. So overall, I gained 47 rating points from the Indianapolis trip, which is not an extremely large gain but still a decent plus since I am getting closer and closer to 2200 NM goal again after a 1.5 year break (for past 2 yeas) from tournaments.


What makes up my heart breaking loss on round 7 was my smooth win against another 2200+ NM on round 8. At the end I scored 5.5/8 and with the last round bye I had 6/9 in total to finish at 3rd place in Expert Class. I felt my playing quality throughout the tournament has reached a new level than ever for my chess career, especially clearly demonstrated in my games against the 2200+ and 2300+ players: it becomes so much easier for me to handle these ranged master players than in the past


Actually I tried to withdrew the last round bye as I figured out I needed to win my last game to place at 1st place of expert section, but the tournament director told me it's too late coz no bye requested can be withdrawn, then I had to accept my final score of 6/9 once round 8 finished. I felt I had decent chance to score a full point again against another 2200+ or 2300+ player if I can play the last round, but again what happened had happened and I just couldn't play the final round to fight for the 1st place for U2200. It turned out the two U2200 players that tied for the first place with 6.5/9 were both someone that won their last round and they each received $1,500, and the 10+ other expert including me that scored 6/9 only got $67 since there were too many receipents for the small amount of 3-4th places prize. Too bad they don't use tie break or performance rating to clarify the 3rd place player, or I won't need to share this prize with 10+ other experts since my performance rating and tie break points are clearly the highest among the players tied for 3-4th (a number of them lost or draw sub 2000 players one round 1-3). Anyway, gained lots of rating points is all that really matters as a serious tournament player who is going after the NM and FM title :)


Hope you learn something or being entertained from going over the games and annotations below :)