The Bill Wright St. Louis Open

Apr 16, 2013, 6:29 PM |

The Bill Wright St. Louis Open took place from April 12-14. This tournament includes a total prize of $10,000. Among the 41 players in the open section, there were more than 20 masters (including 8 GM, 3 IM, 2 FM, 10 NM). Before the tournament, I thought about it for many days about what section to play and finally decided to give up the chance to compete for the prize in U2000 section and gave myself a challenge in the open section. I was the third lowest rated player (entered as 1845) in the open section and therefore throughout the tournament I kept reminding myslef just give a try and don't worry about the result. 


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This was the 3rd round of the tournament. From left to right.

The left board: 2000+ Matthew Larson VS 2300+ NM Ruifeng Li (1-0).

The right board: 2300+ NM Sean Vibert VS 2000+ Tom Shutzman-Polgar (1-0).


 Again, the 3rd round of the tournament. From left to right.

 The rear board: 2400+ IM Neimer Vitaly VS 2200+ NM Spencer Finegold (1/2-1/2).

 The front board: 2200+ NM Kevin Cao VS 2000+ Isaiah Gadson (0-1).

With a half-point bye in the first round, I scored 2.5/5 and finished at U2100 co-2nd place (tight with two 2000+). This was my first time ever had the oppotunity to play against players that are all rated above USCF 2000+ in one tournament, and I feel I learned more from this tournament than any of the tournaments I played before. I wish I will soon have another chance to play in a strong tournament's open section. Followed by are my four games played in the tournament from rd 2-5.

For more information, check out the following USCF page to look at the official report of the tournament: