A win from jordanislamy in a polish opening

Sep 25, 2011, 5:07 AM |
I dont normally put in names in subject lines, but when you win from a very tallented player who is years younger then me, i'm feeling proud to have played against him, he's not Bobby Fisher yet, but maybe someday he will be.
Aged only 13 years old he is leading this polish tournement !!!
And this is (so far) the only game he lost in it (amazing)
Although it is still ongoing
The other game against him i lost, but i think he's a chess genius for his age.

I  think what got black here, is that this middle game (around the queen exchange) and the offer before it, where maybe so early in the game that he might not have thought they would determine the game.

(I'm sure he would win most of the times from me, if we play more games)