Astalavista 'll be black..

May 2, 2009, 8:59 AM |

I just won a game before, and oh well why not another one, but suddenly i recognize the character of a good player, the kind of person that doesn't seam to need all its peaces, and only moves a few peaces to beat an opponent. Some real good players handicap themselves when playing here, it began to look like it as I'm loosing a rook so quickly like he knew already i would loose it. Its going to look terrible but i refused to go in defense, its interesting to see it think we have totally different strategies going on in this game.

The game is fully commented
Its a Scandinavian type of game, the opening soon turns me down, but i regain control in the end. As someone who plays Scandinavian should be an aggressor so this was a good result. Although i loose control here halfway.