black tactics (white think of your bishop...)

Apr 3, 2009, 1:57 PM |

The other player resigned in this 10 minute game, i had lots of time left about 4 minutes but white run out of time, it had to little time to plan the end. So white resigned/aborted.

I place this game in the blog area as i thought of where white would castle and i act upon it before white can castle. So I'm ahead of white, white maybe didn't play great. But i planned ahead of white and to me that seamed visible in the game play i soon became leading. As i had a long term vision this helped i think, as a result White wasn't able to castle.

the long term tactic idea just after the opening about white's dark bishops was what decided this game, so in the opening a long term tactic decided the remainder of the game.

As always the intresting moves are commented.