Drunk Dutch opening won by black

Apr 11, 2009, 7:00 PM |

Well i seam to play them all.. although i do favor some openings I'm not really bound to a certain opening. In this case (i had quite some beer, as I just returned drunk from a pub here) i wasn't sure how to respond to white's first move. It turned out i responded with a Dutch defense.  Its an interesting game because my mouse slipped, and also as I got lots of beers, how would i play?? I'm kinda relax playing chess with a friend here, he's doing good btw he got a high rating, i won this unrated game. But its a kind of strange game just take a look at it.

i've not realy figured out what's a Dutch opening about, i look to it later meanwhile i commented all moves, dont be suprised of my thoughts about it (burb) its just some mental rubish, you might read it, as perhaps it means something.

Oh and I played black so i won here, thats just for the record, but it was unrated, as i was to drunk to be seriously playing. The question that remains whats the ideal chess drug café or beer ??

I think i go for beer..  :)