Novelty in gedult opening a quick mate!!

Sep 27, 2010, 2:50 PM |

Hello everyone, I found a novelty in the gedult opening, a mate in 15 moves.
I'm not subscribed to large internet databases, to check if i'm the first.
However this one realy is something, and new and strange as far as i can check.

For those not familiar with it its a white gambit game, most chess players not regarded it as a sound opening. Although it leads to rapid development it also has some weakspots wich i had encoutered and improved my game upon. I explain this game inside the attached game since its a rare opening and most people dont play it.

In this game i play against someone with a 1300 level, and he didnt make real big mistakes; (i often say chess i a blundered based game), but no black played ok i might have played the same. If i didnt knew i was playing against myself Laughing. What i have added in this opening is a rook offer which changes the game radically and leads to a quick checkmate in just 15 moves !!

Now let me show the game :

After this game i had a kind of eureka feeling, and asked the 1300 level player if he saw serious blunders by one of us, but no, it was a novelty winning, so just for the record if it realy something new he's also part of the game for those huge databases who collect games, so we both be famous haha (sorry).

Comments are welcome.

below the computer analysis from this site
But notice these are computers moves.
People tend to move diferently
and as with this attack
the computer shows much counter inuitive moves