Out off loosing strike.

May 12, 2009, 4:18 PM |

I shouldn't have touched the game board today 9 looses in a row.
Whats wrong with me, i should take the game more serious then i did today.
Got to stay focused, the worst thing that happened was a doorbell ringing i had to open, and as of no surprise with little time left i lost that game too.
Oh my.. 9 games must be the biggest strike so far i guess..

Well this game got me out of it, but what an amazing damage dropping down from 1153 to 1112 thats 41 points wow. I need more chess training. Maybe fight the computer a bit more often, that would keep my eyes hunting on the board.
Or find that magic candle to enlighten the magic to Caro Kann again.
Or better find something else, like this white opening found during the game.