Winning from Rybka 2.2 (Rybka

Apr 26, 2009, 12:15 PM |

I won from Rybka ! (Rybka
In a 10 minute game setup, where i actually won in 7 minutes..

Rybka is as you might now a real strong chess engine perhaps the strongest free chess engine available, I use it inside Arena to train against. My PC has got 1 Gig of mem and is a dualcore 3GHz custom build PC. (so it got strong hardware)
I have never won from Rybka until today. I got the feeling of beating a grandmaster in chess by accident. I recognize Rybka as the most strongest oponent i have ever played chess against. Rybka usually does beat me very quickly. (and so it does real human grandmasters)

Do i play some form of anti computer chess here?
Is it really such a good game, what do you think of it ?
I'm not so sure actually why i won the game
What is so special about it, that Rybka couldnt see trough my plans this time?

I like to get your comments !!
Because i can't judge a computers play, it hasn't got style doesn't make errors and it doesn't fear. And you don't notice it takes more time for a difficult move so please let me hear what do you think of Rybka's black or my white game here.
I explained my moves in the game, but couldnt explain all Rybka's moves.


Some background.
I was trying out a new opening, wanted to get 3 pawns on a row in the center, it didn't work out, but i decided to keep playing, i had again such stopping doubts after i had moved my bishop to much (i thought i lost to much momentum, but again i decided to keep playing here is the game with my comments