Intuition vs. Calculation
black to move

Intuition vs. Calculation

NM PhasmicChess
Feb 22, 2018, 12:22 PM |

Intuition and calculation are sometimes dichotomized in the chess world, though they generally work in tandem. For example, in the above position, white just played the move e5, which trips all kinds of alarms in my brain. Black's pieces are more aggressively positioned, so it's surprising that white opted to open the position. Perhaps he was counting on the e-pawn to give him time to consolidate his position. Indeed, white went on to defend and win. But e5 opens up a temporary pin on the g2-bishop, and also gives black's b4-rook a handy x-ray on the white queen.

My intuition tells me that black should have a strong move here. My calculation soon steps in with the answer. Go ahead and take a minute to see if you can find black's best move in the above position.