Study: White to move and win
from a blitz game on white to move and draw

Study: White to move and win

NM PhasmicChess
Feb 18, 2018, 10:17 AM |

Yesterday, I was watching Vladimir Fedoseev (GM Bigfish1995) and Anton Smirnov (GM AntonSmirnov) play Fischer Random on, when I came across the above position (see top image). It's white's move; black just retreated the knight to d7, in order to reroute it via f8 or f6 to stop white's h-pawn. At first glance, it's apparent that white needs to find something active immediately, otherwise black's connected passers will prove dangerous.

White has just the solution. Unfortunately, a computer will tell you there are two ways to draw this position (which isn't necessarily lost anyway), so I decided to change the initial setup to make the answer more straightforward.

nullWhite to move and win

Alright, once you've taken a good look at the diagram above, and are ready to see the answer, look down below. I should probably add that if this were a problem in's tactics trainer, it would be rated 2500+ (though maybe not with the hints I've already given).