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How to Attack Effectively (Part Five: No Mercy)

How to Attack Effectively (Part Five: No Mercy)

Jan 23, 2017, 4:23 PM 0

  When you are attacking, show no weakness, show no self-doubt, and ,most importantly, show NO MERCY!!! To often am I seeing puny attacks with no effort in them. It's like they're not even trying!

   Always remember to 1. Spot the target 2. Put your pieces in the best place to attack that target 3. Pounce on the target

   You should always attack with everything you've got. If you're going to attack, you might as well put that much effort into attacking.

   Here are some of my games:

   Both games were excellent examples of attacking with no mercy! White even sacrificed a piece in the second game to gain a strong attack.
I hope you enjoyed this blog!

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