How to Attack Effectively (Part One: Targets)

How to Attack Effectively (Part One: Targets)

Jan 5, 2017, 12:42 PM |

   When you looked at this title, you probably thought this was all about attacking the king. If you thought I was talking about that, you're sadly wrong. What I mean by attacking is attacking anything. It could be the king, a backwards pawn, or any sort of weakness. 

   In part one of the series "How to Attack Effectively" I am going to teach you what a target is. 

   Now what is a target?  My definition of target is a weak point in your or the enemies position vulnerable to attack. 

   This position is as ugly as ugly can get! Both sides are filled with targets! Both kings are weak and easy to attack and practically all of black's pawns can be considered targets. White has two double isolated pawns on the f-file, another isolated pawn on the h-file, etc. Both sides have lots of targets. 
   Now let's see another position that has a lot less targets and a lot less obvious ones too.
   The position above is a position from the Grunfeld Defense. Now take a minute to reconize the one and only target on the board. Hopefully, you understand that the target is the d4 pawn. Black is aiming all his peices at it. You might have noticed that if white makes an average move like O-O, black will win a pawn with Bxf3 followed by cxd4 and black's attack will pay off. In fact, if white plays any move he will win the pawn and white would have a huge edge and probably win the game!
   Now that you know how to spot targets it is time to know how to attack them! 
In the position above, it is obvious that d6 is the weakness, but how exactly shall white pounce on it? After Nf5,(or Knife f5 as GM Ben Finegold would say it!) Black is forced to play Rcd8 (since Red8 runs into a fork)and after Bf4, there is no way to defend the pawn.
   I hope you enjoyed this blog! I will post part 2 shortly!