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How to Attack Effectively (Part Three: Destroying the Castle)

How to Attack Effectively (Part Three: Destroying the Castle)

Jan 6, 2017, 5:50 AM 0

   When you are attacking a king, it is important to take away the enemy king's cover. He will not be able to hind behind his pawns anymore and will be extremely vulnerable to attack. 

   You often want to exploit the enemy king using some sort of sacrifice. It could be a pawn sacrifice or a piece sacrifice. It doesn't really matter, as long as you still have an effective attack on the king and you weakened the king using the sacrifice. 

   DON'T sacrifice any material if your opponent has a good response! When your opponent has a good response, it is often hard to find a follow up. Most of the time you will panic and make a mistake.

   That was an extremely instructive game played by two relatively lower rated players. White first opened the center and then, when the time was right, played a pawn sacrifice, and exposed the black king and ended up winning the game.
   In the previous blog, I advised you not to attack the king with less than three pieces. An attack with two pieces or lower is too puny and you'll almost never get the job done. Instead, you should gather your army for one large attack. 
   As you can see, if you can open the position or destroy the pawns in front of the king, it will be a whole lot easier to attack the enemy king.
   I hope you enjoyed this blog! I will post part four January 7th!

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