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How to Attack Effectively (Part Two: Going after the King)

How to Attack Effectively (Part Two: Going after the King)

Jan 5, 2017, 3:35 PM 0

   Most chess.com members don't know how to effectively attack the king. Most people think they know how to attack the king, but in reality they are completely clueless when it comes to attacking the king.

    For most people, when they see a pawn storm, they panic and rush every piece over to defend their kingside. This is not the way to play. I consider pawn storms the weakest form of attack. The reason I think that is because you're spending so much time pushing those pawns forward, that your opponent could generate an attack of his own. He could also take control of the center and when you're center falls apart, your attack falls apart. Another reason I don't like pawn storms is because when you push those pawns forward, you leave behind weak squares which knights can jump to.

   A much more effective way of playing is with pieces (at least three otherwise your opponent will almost always have an answer to your threats). 

      It is better to attack in a closed or semi-closed position because there is no tension or pawn breaks in the center. When you attack on the wings, be careful not to loose your grip on the center or your entire attack will most likely collapse.
   Another thing to note is that when you attack make sure all the pieces you're attacking with are on their best possible squares or your attack will not be as effective. 
   Black was easily able to win that game because of his perfectly placed pieces. 
   I hope you enjoyed this blog! I will make part 3 tomorrow.

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