Georgia On My Mind (Atlanta Open Pt. 2)

Dec 30, 2013, 7:35 AM |

After a rather lackluster day one, I awoke hoping that a new day would bring better results. However as uninspired as my Saturday was, my Sunday was equally uneventful. My first opponent had been inactive for nearly twenty years until a tournament a few weeks before. I decidedd to play the London for the first time in a long time in hopes that it would get my chess juices going. Instead I ended up on my heels the whole game.

So on to the last round. Thanks in part to the high ratings of my competition I was still in the running for my final "1st Category" norm. I got paired against a gentleman from Huntsville, AL who had asked to withdraw from the tournament. He did not do this definitively though stating it depended on whether his son was playing the last round. His intent was to withdraw and let his son play figuring his son's game would end quickly and they could head home faster. It was an unofrtunate miscommunication, but 53 minutes into the round he arrived to find himself paired.
In a classy gesture he agreed to play the game with the time disadvantage. At this point neither of us were really "game ready" as I was preparing to claim the forfeit and set up in the food court offering to review lower section games. We played a fairly quick (lasting about an hour) game where I blunderficed a pawn, but developed a big attack which eventually pushed through for a pretty finish.
So I finished with two out of five. My last three opponents did not have FIDE ratings so that was a bit of a bust, but I did finally get my 1st Category title. I won't feel guilty about how I got it since I should've had the title a couple of years ago, but because of some misrated tournaments years ago I was robbed of two norms. (One event I had a win over an expert rated as a win over his 1000-rated son. Another saw a draw against a 1600 scored as a draw against a 900, having defeated two A players and drawing an expert in that same event.)
I still have work to do in Atlanta today. I will be playing in the "Time Control Open" where the time control increases from G/30 to G/75 throughout the day. Should be an interesting event.