Rd. 1 - 2nd Annual FM Ron Simpson Memorial

Mar 27, 2015, 8:17 PM |

Tonight started a bittersweet weekend as we remember our fallen friend FIDE Master Ron Simpson in a tournament named in his honor. Ron has been deeply missed in our community as he was a positive influence on everyone he met on the chess circuit. He loved to talk chess with anyone and everyone.

Below is my first round game. For the second year in a row I pulled of a big upset defeating long-time master Neal Harris. I am a bit tired to analyze the game, but I am quite proud of the way I used my d-pawn to open up cramp his position and attain the 7th rank.

After traveling to Winston-Salem earlier in the day I am quite pooped so hopefully I will sleep well tonight and will keep up a good pace tomorrow. Another note. I will finally establish my FIDE rating after this game. Winning certain will help give the rating a boost.