USCF: Harper College Chess Tournament

USCF: Harper College Chess Tournament

May 23, 2017, 1:34 PM |

April 8th, 2017, I hosted my first ever USCF tournament at Harper College.

45 total players competed; 25 in the open section and 20 players in the U1700 section.  In the open section, there were 6 experts and a master in the field.

I had a lot of fun hosting these tournaments, and hope to host more tournaments in the future.  In this blog, I asked some players to send me their games.  The games you see are games that have been sent.  The tournament was a 3 round Swiss-System, with a time controls of G/60; +30 second increment.


In the first game, I like to talk about this young talent, William Wang.  His rating is 1809, and he played three games, all against experts with a plus score! Here is his round 1 game against a 2034:

Beautiful win!
Here is William Wang's second game against a 1995:
Finally, William's last game against another expert:
With a 1.5/3 score, William raised his rating from 1809 to 1837!  
The next game is played by Jiri Kabelac (1728) against an expert:
Another upset.  
Jiri's last game against another expert:
Jiri finished the tournament with 1.5/3, raising his rating from 1728 to 1750.
Next up is George Fu.  After taking a half a year break from chess, and George competed and faced an expert and a class A player.
Here is his first game against an expert:
His second game:
With his performance, his rating went from 1730 to 1749.
The last game I will show:
Brian Gong (1811) vs Philip Linninger (1670)
Thanks for reading,and to those who came.  

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