USCF Tournament:  Chicago Open U1900

USCF Tournament: Chicago Open U1900

May 30, 2017, 4:01 PM |
5/26/2017 - 5/29/2017, I participated in the Chicago Open (U1900 section)
Time controls: 40/120, SD/30; d/10

Game 1:


Game 2:


Game 3:


Game 4:


Game 5:

My opponent and I were the only players with perfect scores


Game 6:


I was one of the three people who had a 5.5/6.0 scores going into the final round.  This means if I win, I am guaranteed (at least) first place.

Game 7:


Fortunate for me, the other two players, who had 5.5/6.0 points, going into the last round, drew each other. 

With 6 points, out of 7, 4 other people and I tied for first in the U1900 section.


My new rating is now 1937