USCF Tournament Report: Higuchi Quad 8
Elton Huang

USCF Tournament Report: Higuchi Quad 8

Mar 26, 2018, 7:51 PM |

2/24/2018, I hosted one of my Quad tournaments.  There were two total quads, and time control was G/61; d5

Due to the small turnout, I'm only going to talk about the winner from each quad.

Two weeks after the Illinois High School (IHSA) state finals, the Insley brothers (who had a successful IHSA tournament overall scoring 13.5/14.0 total points together) visited my tournament and would have an exceptional tournament.

Sean Insley


After securing a draw against the #1 seed in the first round, Sean would beat his round 2 and 3 opponents to clinch first place in his quad.  That's not all from the Insley brothers.

(USCF) 1602 -> 1661


Austin Insley


Following up Sean's successful tournament in his quad section, his brother, Austin, would not disappoint either.  After agreeing to a draw against #1 seed, Austin would beat his round 2 and 3 opponents to secure first place in his quad as well.  Both brothers took home a nice check after a successful day of chess.

1600 -> 1626


Here are some additional pictures taken from the tournament: