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USCF Tournament Report: Jane Addams Memorial Tournament
Nicholas Bartochowski

USCF Tournament Report: Jane Addams Memorial Tournament

Jan 29, 2018, 12:21 PM 1

1/27/2018 - 1/28/2018, Chicago Chess Center hosted the Jane Addams Memorial Tournament. 

There was a total of 6 sections, and in the top section there was six Grandmasters, including

GMs Awonder Liang, Vladimir Georgiev, Fidel Jimenez, Priyadharshan Kannappan, Ashwin Jayaram, Dmitry Gurevich, along with IM Zhaozhi Li and IM-elect Gauri Manoj.


GM Awonder Liang


Co-champion of the 26th Annual Midwest Class Champ, GM Awonder Liang went undefeated, winning all four of his matches, including against two GMs.  With that performance, Liang finished clear 1st in the open section and returned home with a very nice check.

(USCF) 2659 -> 2673


GM Vladimir Georgiev:


Co-champion of the 2017 IL Open, GM Vladimir 'Vladko' Georgiev started the tournament with a half-point bye in the first round before beating his round 2 and 3 opponents and agreeing to a draw against GM Fidel Jimenez in the final round to finish the tournament with 3 points; securing a tie for 2nd place.

2601 -> 2603


GM Fidel Jimenez:


GM Jimenez, a former Webster University student, scored 3 points, with two wins and two draws.  Two wins came against a NM and an expert, while the two draws came against GM Georgiev and former teammate, GM Ashwin Jayaram.  

2592 -> 2596


GM Priyadharshan Kannappan:


Another Webster University graduate, GM Priyadharshan Kannappan started the tournaments with three straight wins before being paired against GM Liang in the championship round.  Unfortunately for Kannappan, Liang prevailed and would win the game and the tournament outright.  Despite winning 3 and losing only one, Kannappan's rating would go down exactly one point.

2592.84 -> 2591.84


GM Ashwin Jayaram:


aaaaaaand another former Webster University student and blogger of chesspublishing.com (website with the most recent theories in many openings), GM Ashwin Jayarm also secured two wins and two draws (including against a GM), to join for a tie for second place.

2579 -> 2576


FM Gauri Manoj:


IM-elect Gauri Manoj started the tournament with a loss against GM Awonder Liang, but would bounceback to beat his final three opponents, including two masters.

2418 -> 2422


Tom Polgar-Shutzman:


... forgot to take a picture of Tom and this was the only picture I found of him playing (he's the one in the blue hoodie - sorry Tom!).  Anyways, Tom started the tournament off beating an IM before losing to GM Priyadharshan Kannppan in the second round.  Tom would recover and beat his round 3 and 4 opponents, including a master in the final round to secure his third point.  Not only did Tom tie for second place in the overall section, but would also finish clear 1st in the U2300 prize as well, meaning he took home a little more prizes than the second-place finishing GMs.  Oh, and did I mention Tom is also a student from Webster University?

2172 -> 2197


U2100 section winner, Agarkhorol Gangaa


Gangaa started the tournament with a win against 3rd place and 2nd place finishers, Nicholas Ladan and Anthony Hung.  After beating his round 3 (expert-rated) opponent, Gangaa clinched clear first place with a draw against his final round opponent with 3.5 points out of 4.

2104 -> 2118


U2100 second place finishers - Anthony Hung (first pic) and Nicholas Ladan (second pic):




U1900 champion: Avi Kaplan


Kaplan, who recently joined the class A club two weeks ago just continues his hot streak.  He'd win all four of his games, and come in clear 1st place to win the section.  He is coming close to hitting the 1900-rating mark for the first time in his young career.

1837 -> 1888


U1700 champion: Patrice Connelly:


By winning all four of her games, Patrice was the clear winner for the U1700 section.  

1666 -> 1754


U1700 second place (tie) finisher:  Richard Becker


Becker won his first three games before falling to Connelly in the final round to tie for second place.

Some additional pictures:








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