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USCF Tournament Report: November Evanston 3x3
George McCoy

USCF Tournament Report: November Evanston 3x3

Nov 11, 2017, 7:58 PM 0

Maret Thorpe, the Evanston Chess Club organizer, held her bi-monthly tournaments and I was there to help run the tournament.  Surprisingly, there were only one player rated 2000 and higher. 

There were 3 sections, Gold (1601+), Silver (1301-1599) and Bronze (1300-)

Time controls for all sections were 3SS, G61; d5

 **I'm only going to cover the gold section.

NM Todd Freitag


Freitag started the tournament facing two class A players and finished the tournament playing a class B player.  The first two rounds went as expected for Freitag, and won pretty easily.  However, Freitag's last round opponent, with the black pieces, had a scary attack, sacrificing a Knight for two pawns and luring Freitag's King towards the middle.  Turns out, according to the stockfish, it was not a sound attack and Freitag would win after a pretty long defence.  With a 3/3 performance, Freitag's rating increased from 2167 -> 2172.


Class A player, Tom Bareket:


Tom, winner of the Midwest Class (U2100), started the tournament with a win against a class B player before he ran into some trouble in the second round.  However, Tom and his second round opponent grinded out to an eventual drawn endgame.  In the final round, he would play against a class A player to a complicated endgame.  Tom would eventually pull through with the win, finish the tournament with 2.5/3 and raise his rating from 1984 to 1991.


Class B player: Philip Linninger:


Philip had an excellent tournament, starting the tournament with a draw against a class A player before beating his round 2 and 3 opponents.  By defeating back to back class A players in the second and final round, Linninger, despite being the third lowest rated player in his section, would finish the tournament tied with Tom for second place with 2.5/3 points.  With his performance, Linninger's rating increased from 1691 -> 1771.


Class A player, Adam Bareket:

nullAdam Bareket, brother of Tom, also had a fine tournament.  After going perfect (10 wins, 0 loss) in the previous tournament, Adam had his winning streak continued after his first round win against a class B player.  Unfortunately, Adam would lose his second round opponent before finishing the tournament with a win against a class B player in the final round.  Despite this solid tournament outcome, Adam's rating would go decrease from 1906 to 1900.


Class B player, Adrian Calinescu:

nullAfter starting the tournament with a loss against Adam Bareket, Calinescu would bounce back to beat his round 2 and 3 opponents, who were higher rated.  After winning a piece against his round 2 opponent, it was smooth sailing for Calinescu and won pretty quickly.  Against his round 3 opponent, I believe Calinescu won a couple pawns in the middlegame and converted it into an easy win.  With his solid performance, Calinescu's rating rose from 1764 to 1785.


Class B player, Daumants Hazners:


Hazners had another succesful tournament, drawing against his round 1 and 2 opponent and beating his last round opponent.  Round 1 and 2 looked like a straightforward draw but it was the last round game that really caught everybody's attention.  Being the last game in the final round, Hazners and his opopnent ended up blitzing out a very intense middle/endgame.  Hazners would eventually come big and would win the game to secure a tie for fourth place with 2/3 points.  1760 -> 1778


Class B player, Nicholas Geannopoulos:


Geannopoulos, winner of the 2017 City of Chicago Class Championship (U1700), just increased his winning streak to six, and that's without draws!  For an unknown reason, Geannoplous did not play in the third round, but nonetheless, still scored a victory against two class A players.  1740 -> 1778.  


Class B player, John De Mastri:


What an unexpected tournament for De Mastri!  Despite being the lowest rated player, De Mastri proved rating was nothing but a number.  After suffering a mini slump, De Mastri started the tournament by beating two class A players before playing against NM Freitag in the final round.  1622 -> 1703


Here are some more additional pictures from the Gold section:










Some notable games from the gold section:

*Some players asked their names not to be published:




Complete crosstable here: http://www.uschess.org/msa/XtblMain.php?201711117682.0

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