USCF Tournament: United States Amateur Team (North)

Feb 23, 2016, 7:21 AM |

Went to the 2-day USAT event.  Played two different time controls. First two games were 60|5 and the last 3 were 90|30.

I was board 4 and played 5 games.

Game 1 against Chess24Sevan (2046)

We lost the first round 0-4.

Game 2 against Go Tiger (1459)

We won the second round, 3.5-0.5

Game 3 against Detroit Red Wings (1239)

(Time controls are now 90|30)

We won the third round, 4-0

We finished day 1 with a record of 2-1, with a very good chance of being the #1 U1900 team.

Day 2: Game 4 against Case Western University A (2108)

We won the fourth round, 3-1.

Round 5 against Garlic Naan Attack (2157)

We lost the last round, 1.5-2.5

With a 3-2 record, we finished 23rd as a team, while also finishing 4th place in the U1900 section.

Our board 1, Vincent Hart, finished 41st place out of 70 while also drawing against a National Master
Our board 2, John Compton, finished 12th place out of 70 while also beating a Candidate Master and drawing against a National Master

Our board 3, Dan Hart, finished 33rd place out of 70, while also drawing against a Candidate Master