Koukei Kojima ... isn't it?

Feb 14, 2016, 11:35 AM |


Koukei  Kojima – a  modern Japanese  landscape painter, writing  in  the  style  of "sansey."   This  pictures  is  the  natural  coloring  agents  on   silk.

The term  "sansey -ga"  in Japanese means painting "pictures of mountains and water." Mountains – a symbol of male, solid  and  sustainable, beginning Yan.

Water – the symbol of the feminine, fluid  and  changing  Yin.

These opposites  are  always together, their  unity  creates  harmony of  the world.

In accordance with the style of "sansey"  Koukei Kojima shows an ideal Japan with timeless  beauty of  the  mountain  corners.

P.S. Couldn’t  find  his  photo – is it realy Japanese landscape painter ?..or quality styling?!