L. Mondrus - Only love is right

Nov 28, 2015, 9:20 AM |


Только любовь права!

Only love is right!

( А.Бабаджанян – С. Гребенников, Н.Добронравов)


Your eyes is shining

As a dawn in the darkness

(I) Believe, that there is love on the earth!

After separations and alarms

Once again we with you together:

Save these days in your heart!


Again in my soul

The dawns of love are blooming

Again Your songs call me, call

Will the thunderstorms, will pass a roaring winds –

On the earth love is always right!


To a bitter words, stranger,

Don't trust, my friend.

Keep your faithfulness in the days of separation.

Beauty can betray,

The years can lie

Only love will not betray never !