Russian composer, Franco-Italian singer, an international theme : "Love similar a dream"

Feb 4, 2017, 10:10 AM |



1.I look into your eyes as in the mirror - 

My reflection I afraid to lose.

I don't want you would be only guest

In the twilight of nights and in my destiny.


2.I love you as love only once in life,

As if the sun was not before us in the world.

From the cares and petty squabbles you broght me away

And the keys of happiness has found for me,

Has found for me.


Love, similar a dream,

The crystal chime of hearts.

Your magical "love"

I 'll repeat quiet by echo.

Love, similar a dream,

Made happy my home.

But contrary to the laws of dream

Let will not end it!



3. I forgive loneliness and sadness,

You said, that I'll not back no longer in them.

It happens only in sweet dreams,

But we have love in reality now.


4. For me not to lose myself in your eyes!

For us on the parting not to change our love!

I with an incredible price and with my dream

Deserved this happiness to be with you,

To be always with you.