Russian Crafts.Zhostovo’s painting.

Jan 31, 2016, 2:29 AM |

From  1825 year. 

Craft  was  born  in the village "Zhostovo".

Hammered  trays  of  Zhostovo  are  hand-forged  by  farriers old artisanal traditions: the shape and size of the tray depends on the variation of the creative farrier. Hand shears cut out bracket of 3-5 cards metal, then using a hammer and  anvil shape stands out, it is drawn. Edge rolled  tray  with  laying  into  him for  the strength of  the wire, and  then  the edge is aligned on  the anvil  with  a hammer.

Form wrought  tray  creates hand-forged  by ancient  artisanal  tradition.

After  that  - the annealing, degreasing, priming, application  of  black enamel in two or three layers  with  intermediate  drying of each layer, each  layer of enamel trimming manually  with  sandpaper.

Zhostovo  masters  write  oil  artistic  paints, dilute with  linseed  oil  and  turpentine. Used  squirrel  brush. Zhostovo  painting  is done in  two stages.

The sense of pattern on forged  tray - exceptional, executed by the artist in a single copy.

On-board  trays  are  decorated  with light, openwork  floral ornaments.


At the end, on the ready product  applied with  painting  two or three layers of lacquer with intermediate drying of each layer in  an oven at specific temperature for two hours, and tassel of each layer before applying  the lacquer.