Blitz Tournaments

Nov 27, 2010, 11:26 PM |

During the past year there has only been tournaments that are game 40/5, 55/5, or 70/5 (40/5, and 70/5 being the most common) that are played at non-schoolastic levels.  Now this is not bad, but with the length of the games, and the cost of the entries, I thought I might want to try an idea for people who want to play more games in one day.

First off, I am yet to get a membership to be a tournament dirctor, but may be planning to do it, to help out the head member at the club (who is a senior TD) to run tournaments if he needs more people to help.  In the past year he has been running club tournaments weekly with a 10/2 blitz and we usually get 6-16 people partially with the day of the week we do it (Thursday).  Now this isn't bad since he is introducing timed games to the players at our club, who most of them have just had their first 30/5 tournament 2-3 months ago, and we will be going to a 40/5 in the next week, so they will be getting more used to the extended time.

Second, people have different strengths with time in tournaments.  I have found myself to do a little worse in a game 55/5 than a 40/5 or 70/5 which I tend to come back out with at least the entry.  With that idea of different times in games, it could possibly influence the g30-60 back into the tournaments and/or get more rounds into the tournament.

Third, the idea of more rounds of the tournament should mean that people would have an equal number of games as both white and black, trying to have the idea of doing 2 games each, as seen in some tournaments.  Some people may not have good luck with getting a 0/2 or .5/2 but they may be likely to play 4/5 other players in later rounds, if I choose to do a 10/12 game tournament.

Questions that I have about if this could work:

  1. I have no clue how many people would show up.  The tournaments in my state usually have 20-50 people combined for game 70/5 tournaments, what could that be with the different time? (I would have to have less than 50 for the level of tournament director position)
  2. Could it get some higher rated players to give some instruction to lower rated players in game, or with the risk of a blunder occuring at a greater risk keep some of the players away?
  3. What is a good suggestion for the number of clocks held as back up if neither player of a pair has a clock?
  4. What would be a suggested cost to enter and idea for pay out. (I have the idea of $10, ~$.25 to put each game into rating and the rest being pay out)
  5. Should the rounds be seperated into round robin or full swiss?

Comment/Evaluate please