High School Championships G4

Jan 21, 2011, 3:03 PM |

Game 4 was against the Expert I played at the simul the past holiday season.  He was playing as white after drawing my previous opponent in game 2 and was playing to draw or win to have chances of qualifying for the Denker.  I had the idea of just trying to draw, as he did, so we could have a 3 person play off for who qualifies for Denker.



I lost, but he deserved the win.  He is one of the strongest players in the state and the blunder with my bishop and knight just put me in.  That is really the only thing I can say about this game is that mistake of not looking at the pawn movement forking/trapping my pieces.

I finished 3rd with my third round opponent taking 2nd with a score of 3 by playing a 500p the last round (pairing came up odd with 6 people in a 4 round tournament), and the winner leaving with a score of 3.5.  It was a fun day and I wish I could have played this last game a bit further and actually put a better challenge after the opening.