Lost in the post

Lost in the post

Feb 3, 2018, 3:30 PM |



 The root of 'amateur' is love


I am here to help


 I got no strings, so I have fun. I'm not tied up with anyone


A thing is not beautiful because it lasts


 Talk about mud-flaps, my girl's got 'em


Look, we all have time issues.  I feel it in your bones.



I know that you could

I know that you can break my heart

And when you feel, when you feel that you can't go on, that's when we uh, when we huh huh huh huh huh huh, ow, when we could start again

Baby baby baby

Touch me where it hurts


Give me the cure


Make me part of your world


Let it be because


The truth is in your eyes


Because we're tangled up in you


I am God in nature; I am a weed by the wall.  R.W. Emerson


How do you make a tissue dance?  Put some boogie in it. 


Light your place well then go save the world. 


Movement seeks balance


Electrons are weird: It may be that each one is everywhere in the universe all at once. And, they seem to operate, or communicate, in pairs, across the furthest reaches of space. And they only become 'something' when we look.  surprise.png


He who is last had best laugh.  Gore Vidal


My dreams bore me.  I want to wake up.

My dreams bore me. They scare me out of my skin. They keep me in the dark. They plague my waking life. Liberate the flesh!  All dreams bore me, be they our way through the night.  


According to Ubuntu philosophy, which has its origins in ancient Africa, a newborn baby is not a person. People are born without ‘ena’, or selfhood, and instead must acquire it through interactions and experiences over time. So the ‘self’/‘other’ distinction that’s axiomatic in Western philosophy is much blurrier in Ubuntu thought. As the Kenyan-born philosopher John Mbiti put it in African Religions and Philosophy (1975): ‘I am because we are, and since we are, therefore I am.’



A human being is part of a whole, called by us 'universe' - a part limited in time and space.  He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest...a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.  This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.  Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein


How do you describe a feeling? - Kylie Minogue 


Only love can break your heart - If only that were true.


Making mental connections is our most crucial learning tool, the essence of human intelligence; to forge links; to go beyond the given; to see patterns, relationships, context. Marilyn Ferguson


"Philosophy is dead." - Stephen Hawking.

If the task of science is to investigate nature, the task of philosophy is to investigate the assumptions which make that possible.


Through us, life is strange to itself


Another day of chaos and of known and unknown horrors. My insides are a fine twisted thread, and at the other end is the world. And the image in my head is of rain on distant hills.  People call, incessantly.  One of them is flashing a mirror or a light of some kind asking for help, right now, up on the hills (...photos?).  I would like to respond with something pithy and I do have a torch - but I don't know the code.  When this is over, I'll google the solution.  I hope they'll be ok until then.  


Britt Ekland on Rod Stewart:  He was so tight fisted it hurt him to go to the bathroom evil.png


Journalist: What do you think of Western civilization?

Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea.


the past is not dead; it's not even past - Faulkner


The apocalypse may well be over 


There is some comfort in knowing just what an affront we are to science


 Subjectivity is philosophy


Body is mind  


First voice:  The world is no longer our toy

Third voice: Nor are we it's

Second voice: This is serious

First voice: Time to play up


Do the chairs and your partner seem empty and bare

Do you gaze at your body and wish that you had hair


Do the chairs and your partner seem empty and bare

Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there



"It is not the sleep of reason that engenders monsters, but vigilant and insomniac rationality."  Gilles Deleuze


Chess helps you sleep


we must we must not you must you must not or you will x for forever and oh boy oh boy oh boy, do we f f fear forever


You are most fully in the moment when you submit to the past and the future at the same time


 If the film was good, I leave the cinema as another 

 Your minor deviations all add up 

 Word of the week - waterhood  ("Helen Keller’s first recognition, first utterance, was of water (‘waterhood’)." Link.


 All the fun comes between us


Satan: Here comes Mark E Smith. Can you deal with this one?

God: Sure  

Satan: Brilliant. Thanks. Lol. You know how it is sometimes, everyone was getting edgy down here. How are the kids? x



In this world, the first 'sexual experience' for 1 in 3 females is being raped


Truth is what you experience when you are awake and what you dream when you sleep


Everything is in our hands. The mission is permanent revolution.


Cheer up friend, that's the spirit 🕶






 The making of an advert



He saw something in between the traffic.  Some one.  But he thought, you can’t stand and stare.  So he walked on, unsure. He just walked on. Coffee in a minute anyway, and that queue never gets any shorter.


The arrow of time seems to take half of the people around me.  Disease or bad luck for the rest obvs.  Go to the shops after work.  Fuck.  Work is just so fucking WRONG. Fucking wrong.  And it would only take one thing but


He was sickened by the movement and the stillness.  But pulled in at the same time. Pulled by it   


Hi honey

Hi you

Still down?

Ha, yes and no.  You do know that you’re really weird yeah?

Lol. For freedom and love 

Freedom and love.  Later. 


 He loves her so


 Do something about it 

 If you say

 So what…that’s it?

 If you say


 He said that it was days later


 Before he even remembered what he’d seen


 I...I find it strange.  Not even a second thought in that intervening time?



 There is a song about evil and the sun exploding.  And across the planet, noise is becoming signal.  Everything goes through the net, and everyone gets through.


No -  no one falls through the net, and no one gets out (edit?). I’m through with tv. The whole aesthetic.  But I'm like a child at the movies.  And music.


We are worlds, but all we seem to ever do is suffer. Or make some other poor fool suffer at your own bloody hands.


 NONE of it makes any sense whatsoever.  We’ve been played.

I have neither the time nor the money 

Done it to ourselves – ha ha ha ha ha

And so we say luck and god or destiny to make it easier to swallow...momentarily less unbearable.


World destroying machines, the

World destroying machine


 Meet the dead eyed boss.

 Time you did something

 “Save the kids”

 “Fun for all” 

 Do it – or else


There are no barriers between us and yet



You bad?

Relatively speaking – no

Hey come on…lighten up

Put on a lamp if you care that much

You know that though light goes on forever, we don’t - right?

Say it is so my friend because time is collective




Every game is an event - Carlsen.  I play to win. Is the study of chess about experience and ideas (style?), or analysis and robotics?  





Please don't make me go again 

To Mecca or to Rome 

Please don't let me go 

Let me go again 

I'm so scared of airports 

Could we take a boat instead 


And just listen to the sea


I'm sick of the west 

I'm sick of it all 

Sick of tv

You need to travel more but I feel too old to move 


I need my medications

A little more incantation 


The incantations of the sea


Because I looked at it once

I looked straight at the sun 

I was blinded by the light 

And it hurts so very much 


I used to run the world 

I ran it just for fun 

I used to rule it all 

Before I went on the run 


Before they tortured me


Before they gave it all 

Gave me medication


Gave everything to me 


And when the knifes came out 

That's when they began 

Began to torture me


They did it just for fun 


They love to do it to you all 

Do it do it do it

Doing it to 

Do do do do do


Doing it to you 

And to everyone else as well 


So I stared at the sun 

So that I wouldn't have to see


I wouldn't have to see 

What they wanted me to see 


And lo here we are again 

On the final road 

Going further south 

Here we are now 

On the way to Lourdes


I'm going down to Lourdes

Down the barrel of a gun

Never gonna hear 

My mother's voice again 


Looking for a little hope 

Any kind of relief 


Heading down to Lourdes with, with a song in our hearts


Looking for another chance or, even for second sight 



 Very slowly, I grow. I am subject to all the speeds of the world, to the unknowable abyss of the present. Our days are numbered but we face a numberless end. I live your time. My time is not money. We are ruined by the steady hand of the clock. There is the time of digestion and the time of dream.  I live in fear, but I try to be open.  We fluctuate. The universe pulsates. Moments dilate. And yet most things never ever EVER seem to change. At the mercy of events. You can'y catch up. I form and un-form, I travel at walking pace and somehow I endure.  My 'I' is not my own.



(Characteristically) Unbecoming 


How did we get into this farce? Ha ha ha ha ha! This just can't be the freakin’ way to live any more 💣£#🥀?😳⟩♕🤖!🤖⚒︎⌛️💡x📡duh🤖?


What's the target? Ain’t no way. Maybe one of us is the target?  It could be you. This could have been the case all along and we never thought to think?  Didn't even think to care? But who's asking anyway.


Do not be undersold.  Don’t let yourself go. You’re on the verge of extinction as it is, and it’s no joke. Technically, you are already extinct  - the very last of your kind. Is the bridge suspended in and of itself? 🚤


You fail to compute. You’re a mystery to me

Just take a look around - it’s increasingly obvious 🐅


No one ever said

Be kind

Try to unburden yourself a little


It’s phenomenal really. When on earth did ghosts even become a thing?


Being you is a kind of madness, I suppose.

Being you, you would wouldn’t you. 

Being you was not part of the plan. 

The going is tricky but c’est la vie - consider it a bonus.


It’s killing me, being you 👻

But what of the real order of things?


So much remains to be done


Oh and yeah - try not to get lost too far up your own arse 


You’re your own worst enemy to me. And that’s not the half of it.


Be kind. Be alien kind


As you were. 





Writing and chess are not so different  

They both suck


If you believe that feeling bad or worrying long enough will change a past or future event, then you are residing on another planet with a different reality system.  William James


‘Pure experience' is the name I gave to the immediate flux of life which furnishes the material to our later reflection with its conceptual categories.  William James


The image is a pure creation of the mind. It cannot be born of a comparison, but of the bringing together of two more or less distant realities. The more distant and just the relationship between these two realities that are brought together, the stronger the image will be – and the more emotional power and poetic reality it will have. Two realities with no relationship between them cannot be usefully brought together [....] An image is not strong because it is brutal or fantastic – but because the association of ideas is distant and just.

Pierre Reverdy


Au revoir Mexi



Unblinking Eye

Only you can take me back 

It's a very touching thought

I need 

I need time to think it through

And I think that it depends on how you make me feel 

And If I am

In your hands, I am nobody at all

Not this man not this

Every day you move - move at  g-g godspeed

Still still still and wild - wild unblinking eye


Something unfolds between, between tomorrow and the sky


And you see



You see and you see and you see 


You ow


You see the river at night  


You see everything at once and...you see it in the light 


And you move and you stay 


We are at one, we are transfixed by your sway


And you move 


And you see 


And if


If every cut lies




You see straight through me 


And so the river 


So the river and the sea




 If you calculate far enough it confirms what you kind of knew all along

The quiet - the silence 

Like music




Like music on low



There is at least one thing we can all agree

Let it be

Nothing happens twice



If not because


Words and ideas - like oil and water (flow)






Villa Lopez Pupfish )




Reunion rail and the bridled white-eye

Stewart’s pearly mussel raven beauty and the blue blue whale


Test match cricket and sweet sweet mother earth


Man alive, tasmanian tiger-wolves

Tiger tiger wolf


The confused moth...the blue whale, orangutan and - virtually everything else


The gorilla of the west


The birds and the bees


Elephants of the east and, and the robust little white-eye



The poor old warbler, our singin’ little friends 


little singing friends





like villa lopez pupfish

Ow - like african wild dog







Duck music


How dare they do it like this

Please don't come my way


How do they do, keep on doing it to me and you


Lip service will have to suffice, for our daily bread

You can always tell the lie because it cannot properly rhyme




Yes yes yes yes yes yes...here we go boy oh boy




Here we go now - uh


Come on come on COME ON


And the fires from hell are getting close


and it’s really starting to burn

The oceans will not  be enough

It’s beginning to hurt so much


The world turns anyway, over and over inside


Don’t let them see you laugh

Wipe your tears away blue


 It’s nearly time to go go - n n nearly time to wake up


You have to try to say, say it if you can

Say what you’re trying to mean 


Because nothing ever seems to work and yet everything work out...


And who cares anyway…who gives it a second thought


Secretly you are the one

You appear to me to be good

Whether you smile or not


Have your harmless fun




Are you mental?


god I just heard the news...are there no depths to which we wouldn't fall?


Like the man said © -

people writing songs that voices never share

...and no one dare






...in the flesh. Or, no, not yet. Not this christmas

...sorry, I was asleep

Or - I was a dream




Kevin De Bruyne - remember the name evil.png



Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that’s no matter - tomorrow we will run faster, stretch out our arms farther


And one fine morning - 


so we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.


F.Scott Fitzgerald





Where the gentle waters flow 


Read it and weep. Read it and fucking weep brother 


Learner idiot alert!


It doesn’t mean it will be ok, but we will be good friends. Best friends. And we will be separated - suspended - by the hills. 


Please - don’t worry. I’m just having a moment. 


Hold me 


Hold me?





fuck you




Let me go and let


let the rest go to the dogs