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The Magnus Carlsen Era part 1

The Magnus Carlsen Era part 1

Jun 29, 2017, 8:56 AM 3

 Welcome to the era of Magnus Carlsen. As we all know Magnus Carlsen is currently #1 in the world, but today we are going back in time to the year where it all started, the 2013 World Chess Championship.Image result for 2013 world chess championship It was the defending World Champion Viswanathan AnandImage result for viswanathan anand from India versus the Challenger from Norway Magnus Carlsen. Anand was 43 years old with a rating of 2775. Carlsen was 22 years old and with a rating of 2870. Anand and Carlsen faced many times before, they played against each other for a total of 62 times before the 2013 World Chess Championship. The prize fund was a total of 2,650,000 euros.Image result for euros If the match ended within the 12 regular games then the winner would get 60 percent of the prize fund and the loser would get 40 percent. If the match ended in tie breaks then the winner would get 55 percent of the prize fund and the loser would get 45 percent. The match would be taking place in Chennai, India. Anand and Carlsen drew the first four games, but then Magnuts won the next two then they drew the next two then Magnus won one then in the final game they drew. It was all one sided they didn't even need to play a game 11 and 12. Anand never won a game Magnus won 6 1/2 to 3 1/2. Lookout for part two.

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