Rubbing Virtual Elbows With The Stars

May 2, 2008, 8:22 PM |

With the extensive popularity of the internet, chances are that some of us have at one time or another chatted/posted online with MAJOR CELEBRITIES, even if it was unknowingly.  I am quite confident that I’ve conversed online with a number of MAJOR CELEBRITIES over the years – you may have, as well.


Here is a list of the MAJOR CELEBRITIES (and what we discussed) who I am almost positive that I’ve rubbed virtual elbows with during my time spent on the internet:


Lindsey Lohan (Discussed astrophysics and cuticle repair)

David Cassidy (Debated the merits of roller coasters)

Ned Beatty (Discussed bacon and Raelians)

Mike Tyson (Mike took exception to a comment I made about salad shooters.  That said, I stand by my initial assertion, despite Mike’s thoughtful posts countering my claim)

Eminem (Heated argument over copyright infringement issues)

Sen. Larry Craig (Traded guacamole recipes)

The Rock (Provided The Rock with some links on the Egyptian Goose for a documentary he’s making for PBS)

Ben Affleck (Gave him some tips on the game The Legend of Zelda)

Naomi Campbell (Discussed the pros and cons of asphalt roads vs. gravel roads in rural communities)

Elton John (Discussed candles, wind and Doritos)

Marilyn Manson (Offered me advice on how to best weatherproof a squash gourd)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Dale went off on a screed ridiculing Harold Bloom – I offered him support)

Paris Hilton (Debated whether Barry Bonds should be admitted to the baseball Hall-of-Fame)

Johnny Depp (Discussed ballot initiative aimed at banning the import of Mexican jumping beans into the U.S.)

Simon Cowell (Had argument over carburetor maintenance)

Dick Cheney (Traded double-dutch jump-rope videos)


Well, that’s all I have time to list at the moment, though I’ve had many more online conversations with MAJOR CELEBRITIES.  Please feel free to list your encounters.