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First tourney, feeling good.

Feb 8, 2016, 3:19 PM 2

It's been a few days since I attended my first OTB tournament, and this is mostly just to help me put into writing my thoughts, so I can reflect on them later. It wasn't a large tournament, with maybe a dozen or so competitors in the adult section. My first match was against a gentleman 79 years of age, who has won several tournaments, both in his youth and his current age. It went surprisingly well, considering I've never played someone of his skill before. I lost, but it was a great time, and he took me into the practice room to show me my mistakes and make suggestions. My second match was against a Chinese child, 5 years of age, who destroyed me in less in 30 moves. That was humbling, but not discouraging. I realize the mistakes I made early on, and will work on them. The match after that was against the kid's father. Easily my longest game of the tournament, going well over move 50. He was not nearly as good as his kid, but beat me none the less. Then I faced another unrated player, another older gentleman. I was able to pull away a win after he made a blunder with his queen. The final round was against my friend and driver. It went pretty well, and I was able to take away a win. I went 2 and 3 that tournament, and I couldn't be happier. I placed highest among all 4 or 5 of the unrated players, and came close to toppling some of the higher seeded players. Overall an amazing experience.

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