How "I" Play Introduction

How "I" Play Introduction

Nov 9, 2011, 4:27 PM |

Since this is my first blog I felt that including this would be a good idea.

I have been playing chess for around 3 years. My FIDE is 1996 and my CFC (Canadian chess federation) rating is 1812

How one plays in different situations is a crucial aspect of tournament chess, without the ability to play with the situation on mind could mean the difference between losing and winning, it could also mean the difference between playing and enjoyable game and playing a long boring and drawn out game where one does not play the way they find most enjoyable because of the many variables.

You know the variables right? If you don't here is a simple refresher:

The Opponents rating

Your rating

Time control

The color you play

The opening

How well you know your opponent

How you feel

These may or may not also be responsible for your recent chess ailments.Laughing

These variables are the main cause for chess anxiety which leads to bad choices over the chess board. This series will be based all around the way one should deal with most anxiety one receives over the board.


EDIT: Any suggestions about this series would be welcome. Just post the comment on my notes, also send me a message.