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My study on the Chinese Dragon: Intro

My study on the Chinese Dragon: Intro

Nov 28, 2010, 5:52 PM 7

Well as the title explains this is a starting off series in my study of the Chinese Dragon.

This opening has been used many times in the past and gives a new hope to the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian opening. This opening is used against the Yugoslav attack the most common and by far most deadly counter to the dragon for white to respond with.


After looking at that diagram you may be asking what makes the difference between the normal dragon response: rc8 and the Chinese dragon:rb8 well there is a world of difference between them. I don't exactly know its origins and will likely post in in the next installment of this study. this opening has been used to great success by the likes of Magnus Carlsen and other super Gm's and Gm's. this has also been an opening that has been used in great upsets in the past.

well if you want some more backround information and the theory i need some good feed back so if you like it please leave a comment on what you think of it, even if you dont like it please comment on what you dont like about it

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